Let Your Hurricanes Begin – 2009 Atlantic Hurricane Season Officially Begins With Hurricane Bill

A big sigh of relief has been let out among the East Coast surf community. Tropical Storm Bill was upped to hurricane status today and became the first hurricane of the 2009 Atlantic Hurricane season. Being into August already with only one tropical storm so far, surfers on the Eastern seaboard were beginning to get the nervous itch. But fear not, because as our good friends over at Magic Seaweed have informed us, Bill is looking pretty promising. Expect solid surf from Friday onwards, hitting Southern Florida initially and the rest of the East Coast shortly thereafter. East Coast surfers: get your asses in gear because your time to shine is upon us and your season of fun is soon coming.

For the full lowdown on Hurricane Bill, head to Magic Seaweed’s outlook here.

And stay tuned to transworldsurf.com for full coverage of hurricane season.

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