Letters June ’05

People, people, people, where’s the love in this world? You’re all my brothers and sisters, and we all live with one heart, so why are you f-kers all so angry?-Chris Cote


I have no idea how I became a subscriber to your magazine, but I never asked nor do I want to receive TransWorld SURF magazine. I am a 55-year-old woman … please do not send me any more magazines.

Patty Moller

Santa Clarita, California

I never asked nor did I want to receive a letter from you, but I did. And I think I’m taking it a lot better than you. Just take the magazine and use the pages to cover all the windows in your house so the people in the neighborhood walk by and say, “Oh, that crazy old Patty is at it again. Look, she’s into surfing now.”

Pot’s An Herb, Man

I’ve looked over TransWorld SURF at the bookstore, and when I saw your site and the twelve issues/twelve-dollar subscription deal, I was ready to go for it. Then I noticed your “public service” ad: The “If you take a hit, she gets hit” thing. I stopped smoking herb some years ago, but don’t think I want to support a publication that helps spread bizarre propaganda disguised as public service. I’m now a health-care professional and know that if you exaggerate the negative effects of pot or other drugs (as in the “anti-drug” movies that cracked me and my buddies up in high school), youth see all drug info as distortion. I know we did. The big crime was/is that people spend time in jail and have their lives ruined by “pot laws” supported by these right-wing “anti-drug” crusaders. Don’t be a part of it.


via e-mail

“Legalize it, don’t criticize it.”-Peter Tosh

I agree with you that “pot laws” are stupid. In fact I saw one of these “anti-ganja” commercials while watching VH1. After reading your letter I found it very absurd that a channel based on “classic rock” would accept anti-weed commercials. Without weed, where would classic rock be? It’s along the same lines as a surf magazine. Remember the 70s, man? I don’t either, man. I was all herbed-out listening to the Grateful Dead, tie-dyeing my shirts, and running naked through flower fields.

Shark Repellent

Wouldn’t it be safer if pro surfers started to wear brightly colored wetsuits to discourage shark attacks? If pro surfers started doing that, amateurs might follow.


via e-mail

Bright colors, huh? Maybe like blood red, seal-gut green, or injured-tuna yellow? Oh wait … red, yellow, green-I must still be thinking about the weed letter.

Sixth-Grade Cussers

My sixth-grade son recently subscribed to your magazine through his school magazine fundraiser, and now that he is receiving his issues, I also scan through the magazine, and I have found it to be very disappointing when I start to read some of the quotes and articles with inappropriate language. I’ve noticed you leave blanks for some of the letters, but come on, young kids already hear those words at school and other places. Do they really need to read them? I will be complaining to the magazine fundraiser organization about this issue. There is no reason to print foul language in a magazine that could be a lot classier and more inspirational for its sport and readers. That language in my opinion brings the whole level of your magazine down to the gutter.


via e-mail

Shit, lady. Kids cuss so much these days it’s not even funny. Go ahead and take away your kid’s magazine. It’ll only make him want it more. Go ahead and ground him too, that’ll really turn him into a cuss-machine. And you can go be a tattletale if you want. Maybe you should also start a book-burning club at your son’s school.

Thoughts From A Twelve Year Old

People are saying we should not help the tsunami victims because they’re Muslim and they hate us. We’ve given enough money away already. But this is what I have to say.

The U.S. has so much money; George Bush is drowning in it. It might not seem like it, but he iss. The U.S.A. has fewer people and way more money than any other continent in the world. It won’t hurt us to help the tsunami victims. Just think, it’s going to be at least one to three years before every victim has a home again. Putting up shelters and helping them means a lot to them right now. I can type out what I think about it, everyone can. This is the truth, and you know it. People in the U.S.A. need to stop being so greedy. It won’t hurt us to not get what we want all the time. I mean, we will live-the tsunami victims might not. If I weren’t a juvenile, I would be over there right now helping them. And that is what I think.

Laura Foy, age twelve

The world needs more kids like you. You’re already smarter than our own president.

Aloha From Iraq!

I’m an avid reader of your magazine, and thanks to PX/BX over here in the international zone, I still get to read it. Looking at the pics and reading the articles keep me close to home, especially in a place where there’s hardly any water besides the Tigres River.

Anyway, our unit, Eighth Engineer Battalion out of Fort Hood, Texas, is about to redeploy back to the U.S. We’re planning a surf trip to Hawai’i or California when we get back. We were wondering if anyone would want to send us a used board that they might not be using-some of the guys don’t have boards.

Anyway, thanks for the magazine.

Michael Angelo M. Nascimento

Fort Hood, Texas

Anyone got an old board for these guys? E-mail us.