Lisa Andersen – Leader Of The Ladies.

Lisa Andersen is one of the most influential surfers of all time-you absolutely cannot argue that. Four world titles and a whole generation of girls following her path of ripping, gorgeous women just won’t let it happen. That said, who was an influence on Lisa?

The answer is Martin Potter.

“For a long time I was interested in Tom Curren, but when Potter came around I noticed his surfing was completely different,” says Lisa. “In contest surfing, his whole approach to a wave was to put all his effort into one big, crazy turn. He tried to do airs, big snaps, or one big huge floater. I loved how he was flashy, radical, and really aggressive. He was really sexy, too,” adds the four-time champ.

So is she into hairy guys who surf with reckless abandon?

“I looked past the hair. I saw the man behind the hair-he’s a great guy. I liked watching him prepare for heats. He was kind of an animal-his energy was just crazy. After watching cool, calm, and collected Curren, I thought that was the only way you could make it,” says Lisa. “But then I would look over at Pottz, and he was that young, crazy guy. The energy was different-and kinda cool. And then when he would surf Off-The-Wall and do those big cutties, come back around, and get barreled-those were so sick!”

As the leader and spark plug of a whole new generation of surfers, Lisa is to be commended as one of our sport’s most influential, innovative, and beautiful participants. Next time you see a girl ripping away at your local break, know that there’s a little Lisa Andersen in every one of her hacks. And to you guys out there with a bit of extra body and scalp hair, be a good man like Pottz and you just may have a chance with the ladies.-Justin Cote