Lissa DeLorenzo Named Miss June 2013

Lissa DeLorenzo
Lissa DeLorenzo
Lissa DeLorenzo
Lissa DeLorenzo
Lissa DeLorenzo
Lissa DeLorenzo

Model Search: Lissa DeLorenzo Named Miss June 2013

Congratulations to newly minted Miss June 2013 Lissa DeLorenzo from Estero, Florida! The 22-year old is a student and bartender as well as part time model. Rocking up at 5'7" and 120lbs. this Floridian beach babe will be sitting pretty in her new shades from VonZipper and bikini-of-her-choice courtesy of B. Swim. We caught up Miss June 2013 below...

TransWorld SURF: Hometown?
Lissa DeLorenzo: Estero, Florida

Student and bartender.

Secret and/or hidden talent?
My vibe-dar! I can sense good or bad vibes from miles away.

Got a boyfriend?
Single and ready to mingle.

Are you a surfer girl?
I do my best to keep up with the boys...

Regular or goofyfoot?

Favorite beach in the world?
Playa Ventanas in Costa Rica.

If you could go on a date with any pro surfer who would it be?
Awe man, I’d say Kelly circa 1991 but I’ll give the current title to Dane Ward.

Turn ons?
A funny guy who can make me laugh and is always down to do something spontaneous.

Turn offs?
Cocky, metro sexual dudes.

Tell us something nobody knows about you...
I’m a pretty open person so I can’t think of any deep dark weird secrets….but I do have a sick obsession with peanut butter.

What would your last meal consist of?
A big plate of my mom's homemade spaghetti and an apple pie with ice cream dessert….and then I’d finish that off with a jar of peanut butter.

Last book you read?
The Postmortal by Drew Magary.

Favorite movie?
Super Troopers or 21 Jump Street.

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