Local Motion Hits The Real World

When Calving Maeda of Local Motion found out that MTV was going to be filming a season of The Real World episodes in Hawai’i he made a call to see if his company could get involved. Like the other Real Worlds, The Real World Hawaii is a television series based on seven strangers moving to a town, and living in one house.

As it turned out, The Real World needed a place for the seven cast members to work. So MTV and Local Motion cut a deal; the seven cast members would be employed at the new Local Motion store and café, helping customers, and booking Hawai’ian talent acts to perform in the café.

The deal has worked out great for both Local Motion and MTV. According to Maeda, “It’s hard to get locals who live on the island to come into Waikiki, but having MTV in our store has made it cool enough for locals to check it out. It brought a lot of people into the shop that way. And once it airs, I think the residuals will be there based around product placement. There will be a lot of hype surrounding it.”

Hawai’ian surfer Nainoa Surratt was featured on the intro to the show doing a cutback with the title The Real World visible on the bottom of his surfboard. Calvin Maeda was also a cast member on the show. “My goal was to teach them more about the aloha spirit,” he says, “which is what Local Motion is all about¿sharing the aloha spirit.”

¿Pete Johnson