Local Motion Names Rainos Hayes Team Captain

North Shore-bred professional surfer Rainos Hayes has joined Local Motion as team captain and manager. Hayes will take charge of all aspects of the Local Motion team, from budget management to providing coaching and training on the beach and in the water.


Hayes plans to be the catalyst that sets off the incredible Local Motion team, which includes Bruce Irons, Randy “Goose” Welch, Jesse Merle Jones, Manoa Drollett, Bonga Perkins, Nalu Law, Love Hodel, Otto Flores, Jarius Cannon, Nainoa Suratt, Dustin Barca, and others. Hayes will also oversee Local Motion’s amateur team with the help of Amateur Team Captains Thomas Asing in Hawai’i and Millan Valdez on the East Coast.

Hayes is well respected for his eight years of experience in the surf industry as manager and coach to some of Hawai’i’s finest surfers. Hayes is the current team captain for both Reef Brazil and Smith Optics in Hawai’i, and will continue to hold the head coach position for Hawai’i’s World Team, as he has done for the past four years. Hayes recently proved his abilities in the water as well by finishing third overall in the 2001 Hawai’ian Pro Am Circuit.

“We are proud to have Rainos Hayes representing the Local Motion brand and our teamriders as someone who walks his talk,” comments Local Motion Marketing and Art Director Mitch McEwen. “Rainos has the experience and balls necessary to drop into huge peaks at Pipe, or tell a prima donna pro to clean the wax off their trade-in! That combination is hard to find.”

Hayes can be reached at (808)526-6075 or rainos@localmotioninc.com