…Lost Technology in Boardshorts

The dysfunctional ones over at …Lost bring you some technologically advanced boardshorts. Yeah right! Come on people these boardshorts like all boardshorts are not technological. They also, like that guy’s suit from that movie are “not black.”

Seriously though, there are several features like stretch, water flow, and the fly section that make some trunks better than others, but lets not go overboard. That’s the point …Lost is trying make.

My favorite features of these boardshorts are: the skid mark protection, the coffee filter, and the fact that there 16% stiffer, because of course, that’s what she said. Check them out:



Here’s the trunks in use:



They have nothing to with the surfing, but they do make it look good. That’s all they are people, fashion with some function. For more info including a more zoomed view of the funny functions of these boardies click here www.lostenterprises.com