…Lost’s “10 Ways To A Cheap Valentine’s Day” Clip

From the brain trust at …Lost we have “10 Ways To Have A Cheap Valentine’s Day”. While ingenious on some levels, you could go an entirely different route and hang out at a dive bar looking for weepy (meaning vulnerable) women all night…

Here’s the official story:

Are you scared to spend money on Valentines day because of the rumors of this economic crisis? Maybe you just lost your job and your staying with a buddy in a one -bedroom apartment with 3dogs and a cat. Maybe your just a LOST team rider who hasn’t gotten this months check yet! What ever the case is, the cash flow is low, and your friends over here at LOST feel your pain. We want to give you 10 free tips to a cheap and effective Valentines day that will make your special someone feel loved.

...Lost's 10 Ways To A Cheap Valentines Day