…Lost’s Pipeline Masters Web Cast Party

Join The Party And Watch All The Best Heats Live


You better watch the final day of the Pipeline contest RIGHT HERE, as …Lost will be bringing you a live webcast of “What’s Really Goin’ On” in Hawaii.. Why watch the same coverage hearing the same old tune, when you can get the completely uncensored version with us! You will be able to hear interviews straight from professional surfers on the beach talking about the surfers, waves, judging, announcing, chicks, parties or just about any other thing happening in surfing.. Do you really want to hear about swell angles and weather conditions? Nah!! We’ll tell you who hooked up with who last night at the bar or who drank so much they passed out in the bushes! Just make sure to tune back in when it looks like the contest is on and we’ll give you the best take on everything that’s going down and there is a good chance we’ll make some shit up along the way!