Macbeth Footwear Releases Shifty Studio Project Model With Foo Fighters

(SAN DIEGO) ­ February 22, 2008 – Macbeth Footwear introduces the convergenceof rock, style and comfort with the OShifty Studio Project signature shoedesigned by the Macbeth design team and Chris Shiflett, guitarist of threetime Grammy award winning Foo Fighters for Spring 2008. With a naturaltalent for the guitar, an extensive history of making music with influentialpunk bands and his love for surfing, Shiflett was an easy addition to thefamily of artists for Macbeth. His lifestyle is a great representation ofthe Macbeth culture; artistry that leaves an impression, an easygoingattitude and passion for the environment that surrounds him, specificallytalking about his efforts contributing to coastal conservation.

The product of Santa Barbara California beaches, Chris Shiflett knew at avery young age that music would take him on a path. His early career saw himtaking the stage with influential punk bands, No Use For A Name, and Me FirstAnd The Gimme Gimmes. Since 1999 he has been selling out arenas around theworld while recording and playing music for the platinum-selling band FooFighters.  His award-winning solo career has also seen success through hisoriginal scoring of documentaries about preserving California¹s Coast. Hisside project, Jackson United is set to release their record, Harmony AndDissidence later this year.

Naming the style after a nickname he picked up in gradeschool, Shiflettpicked the Macbeth Jackson sneaker for it¹s classic, clean design andfunctionality. The Jackson’s extra padded tongue and collar make the shoe acomfortable choice to slip on after a long surf while the extended toe capadds extra durability for onstage performances. Shiflett chose canvas andsuede material combinations for the Shifty and paired them with classicTartan lining that gives the shoe a relaxed, refined look ideal for abackstage wardrobe.

A combination of rock, style and comfort… The Macbeth OShifty StudioProject by Chris Shiflett of the Foo Fighters is in stores now.

About Macbeth Footwear
Macbeth Footwear is the modern designer, marketer and distributor of high-quality footwear, apparel and accessories, including vegan and organic products. Based in San Diego, California, the Macbeth brand is driven by the passion, authenticity and attitude of the provocative rock culture within Southern California¹s active lifestyle that can be found in the deepest roots of the brands history and founders. Macbethmerchandise, represented by the Macbeth Notch, is distributed at retailerswithin the U.S. as well as internationally. For more information onproducts and news visit Macbeth