Machado Wins Pipe Trials

Spectators sat through periods of scattered showers as the XBOX Pipeline Masters Trials were completed in medium-sized but heavy conditions. As the round one heats got underway on Wednesday, the swell started to build. Standouts in the early rounds included Rizal Tanjung, Rob Machado, Danny Fuller, Tamayo Perry, Myles Padaca, and the Japanese duo of Naohisa Ogawa and Takayuki Wakita. During several of the heats, some macking sets made their way through, sending the athletes, water photographers, and even the water patrol scrambling toward the horizon. During one set, the jet-ski crew almost made it over one of the waves, but ended up getting sucked back¿flipping over the ski momentarily.

Another great performance was given by Manoa Drollet, taking off on seemingly impossible-to-make drops and was rewarded with a ten-point score, but failed to make it into the finals. The contestants in the finals consisted of Rizal Tanjung, Rob Machado, Jaime O’Brien, and Brian Pacheco. Rizal Tanjung, although charging throughout the day. couldn’t seem to find the long barrels that rack up the high scores and came in fourth place. Jaime O’Brien wowed the crowd with his switch-stance barrels but only came in third. Securing spots in the main event were Brian Pacheco with a second-place finish and Rob Machado giving a stellar performance and walking away the winner.

The surf dropped a bit on Thursday but photographers and photo sluts alike took advantage of the epic conditions at Rocky Point. Rizal Tanjung, Mike Todd, Peppen Hendrix, Benji Weatherley, and Maz Quinn were all seen paddling out in front of the TransWorld SURF house.

The swell dropped further today, but the sunny weather has been making up for the smaller waves. The surf is expected to rise Saturday and they may hold round one of the main event at Pipe if the waves cooperate. Stay tuned to for the latest news, gossip, and info.