MAGMA Surf Wax – “Magma is rising”

With one of the largest surf wax operations on the planet, eruption is imminent for MAGMA. After increasing production capacity fivefold, and a recent move to a larger facility, the MAGMA U.S. factory is almost fully operational.

Since 1998 MAGMA has been on the rise by starting small. Bouncing from garage to garage in San Diego, CA, the production was crude but it worked. It didnt take long before demand for MAGMA outgrew the ability to make the surf wax fast and efficient enough. Late last year adecision was made to focus on increasing production, and using new environmental packaging solutions. The result is a recycled and recyclable surf wax container for storing unused wax. The new packaging also prevents the mess associated with exposed wax due to varnished paper packaging.

MAGMA Surf Wax is offered in five formulas; Cold, Cool, Warm, Hot, and Basecoat. Each wax bar is divided into three breakaway pieces creating finger grips for a fast and even application. Banana Coconut Scent is used to make the surf wax smell nice. All MAGMA waxes use a high-density fluid for fast build up, advanced anti-slicking properties, and various tackifiers for total deck traction.

Be on the look out for MAGMA Surf Wax in shops in August. MAGMA is committed to manufacturing the best surf wax possible using the most advanced ingredients available.


Hyperform, Inc., is the U.S. Manufacturer of MAGMA Surf Wax and. X-Trak Surf Traction. The company is headquartered in Rockledge, Florida and Oceanside, California.