Malik Joyeux’s Environmentally Friendly Tow Surfing

Tahitian surfer Malik Joyeux and his older brother, Teiva, did something a little different the other day at Teahupo’o. Everyone should know Malik by now–the kid who rode the biggest wave ever at Teahupo’o and still charges the spot as hard or harder than anyone out there on a regular basis. But his brother, Teiva, is a little more low profile. He lives on the North Shore of Oahu and is probably the best kite surfer on the island.

So the bros get together one day back home and decide to tow into a few waves at Chopes–solely powered by the wind, and the rest is history. Could this be new fad and an end to the PWC? Will the Monterey Bay tow issue be resolved via kite surfing? Will I eat my words about calling kite surfers “wind kooks?

Malik and Teiva most likely won’t change the face of tow-surfing, but I’ll go ahead and retract that lame comment…