Margaret River’s Yadin Nicol Narrowly Wins Billabong Pro Teen Series In W.A.

Clean 1 to 1.5 metre waves were again on offer for the final day of the Billabong PRO-Teen Series at Gas Point in South Western Australia. The Women’s final of the Pro Teen reeked with talent as the girls set upon the peaks not only with raw grunt, but style as well.

NSW, Central Coast surfer Rebecca Woods proved herself a worthy recipient of the upcoming Billabong Pro Teahupoo Tahiti wildcard by winning the Billabong Girls PRO-Teen Series after a wave for wave battle with Sydney’s Jessie Miley Dyer.  Woods opened the heat early posting a 5.5 ride and it became clear that she was eager to assert her dominance.

Miley-Dyer remained in contention constantly putting the pressure on Woods until the Bronte surfer posted a 6.75 points for her third ride to take the lead.

The two pushed each other to the limits with committed maneuvers that even had the guys amping on the beach as the girls went radical on the last section of the wave that formed in only knee deep water.  Woods regained the lead with two minutes remaining after posting a 7.75 pts with a series of snaps under the lip and finished with a huge floater on the end section to take the crown.

“I’m pretty happy with the result. It was really hard out there to get the good ones.  I know you probably heard it before, but everyone really likes coming over to WA as we always get good surf for the contests.  I can’t wait to get to Tahiti, I’m really looking forwards to that, said Woods.

 Current ASP Australian Women’s ratings leader West Australian Claire Bevilaqua could not seem to find form or the waves along with Sheridan Shields from Queensland.  The two seemed to have difficulty in finding the larger, longer waves during the final which saw Bevilaqua finish fourth and Shields third.

The much anticipated final of the Billabong Pro Teen Series boys division hit the water in more ways than one, as the finalist constantly were hitting the lip with such ferocity that at times wave faces buckled with the amount of force that was transferred into maneuvers.
Local knowledge again reared its head with Margaret Rivers Yadin Nicol who was lying dormant through the early part of the final making his move for a win later rather than sooner. Nicols positioned himself perfectly to take out the final with two scoring rides of an 8.15 and 7.50.Surrounded by friends and photographers as he emerged from the water the smile on Nicols face really told the story on how he felt about the win.

“I’m just so stoked on winning this event.  This is my backyard, this is where my mates and I came to surf when we were growing up.  It’s great to win an event at home, it’s hard to describe, it’s pretty good said Nicols.

 Yamba’s Dan Ross took control early posting a 7.75 pt ride with his first scoring wave and his all too familiar rhythm of vertical top to bottom turn maneuvers. But it was Newcastle’s Travis Lynch that jolted the finalists into reality as Lynch paddled into one of the larger walls that were on offer to basically give the lip a good belting with some of the most radical committed maneuvers performed during the final. Lynch was awarded a total of 9.50 points out of a possible 10 with his wave also being the highest scoring ride of the final but was forced to settle for second.

Lennox Head surfer Anthony Walsh could not find anything with scoring potential and was constantly left with the small shorter walls to work with to finish fourth.

The third placing was enough for Ross to regain the ASP Australasian Junior Men’s ratings lead.

The Billabong Pro teen event at Gas Point provided some great waves and some great surfing.

Final Results

Billabong Pro Teen Series

1.Yadkin Nicol (Margaret River) 15.65pts.
2.Travis Lynch (Newcastle) 15.50pts.
3.Daniel Ross (Yamba) 14.75pts.
4.Anthony Walsh (Lennox Heads) 12.55pts.

Billabong Girls Pro teen Series

1.Rebeccaa Woods (Central Coast NSW) 12.75pts.
2.Jessie Mylie-Dyer (Bronte NSW) 11.75pts.
3.Sheridan Shields (Gold Coast Queensland) 9.00pts.
4.Claire Bevilaqua (City Beach WA) 7.75pts.