Marijuana Packed Boat Breaks Apart At Sunset Cliffs; Weed Everywhere

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SAN DIEGO - An 18-foot boat used to smuggle drugs washed ashore in Sunset Cliffs with marijuana still on board early yesterday, authorities said.

The Coast Guard received a call that a boat was in distress and hitting the rocks about 6 a.m., said Lauren Mack, a spokeswoman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

When authorities arrived, the boat had been abandoned. Investigators removed about 20 bales of marijuana of varying sizes found inside, Mack said.

The boat then was pulled off the rocks at the bottom of the cliffs. It was heavily damaged and sank soon after about 150 yards from the rocks, leaving a trail of debris in the water.

Among the debris were dozens of bales of marijuana that fell off the boat when it capsized, Mack said. A total of 111 bales were collected, weighing 362 pounds.