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There is no need to use a boat to access the surf, although this is an option for day trips and excursions. We are located directly in front of Ponga Drops and Colorado’s is only a three minute walk away.

We offer oceanfront accommodations, spectacular scenery, unparalleled ocean views, and myriad surfing adventures. Our guests enjoy a restful retreat accentuated by a refreshing offshore breezes in one of the most beautiful regions in Nicaragua. Mark and Dave built their house with the intention of providing a hassle-free, safe surf experience at an affordable rate.

Nicaragua is blessed with an abundance of good waves, offshore winds and sunny weather almost all year-round. Mark and Dave’s is situated at the heart of the Nicaraguan Riviera in front of the best waves the country has to offer, a climate that averages around 80 degrees and water temps that hover around 75-85 degrees. The surf rarely drops below two-feet at any time during the year and bigger swell events up to eight-feet are likely April-October.

Instead of searching for waves via boat or a sketchy 4-wheel drive mission, our guests are already at the most wave-fertile beach in Nicaragua — no boat or car required and no reason to go anywhere else! With the wind almost always offshore due to “the Lago Nicaragua effect,” be prepared for a good mix of barreling beachbreaks, reefs and points during your visit. Since Mark and Dave’s place is located directly on the beach, you can pick and choose when you want to surf, hit up a round of golf or capture another magical sunset in paradise. We’ve got you covered.

Come down and escape your day-to-day life to enjoy the Nicaraguan culture and the beauty of the tropics. Turn off your computer and cell phone and immerse yourself into the daily peace and serenity. Sit back in the pool and enjoy a cold drink while watching your friends surf in front of the house. There is nothing better than being in paradise — make the most if it! [b] Note: [b] You will need to update your tetanus shot and hepatitis series shots, and remember to bring any prescription medication with you. We recommend $100-$500-plus USD, which are accepted everywhere; you can always take what you don’t use home.