Mark Healey’s Section From ‘Surprise Excitement Party’

Mark Healey’s Section From Surprise Excitement Party
Riding a great white? Check. Plugging a yellowfin tuna? Check. Getting pitched at Shipsterns? Check. 12-second tubes at Desert Point. Roger that. Video part of the year? We say “yes!”

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Highly acclaimed by the likes of Kelly Slater and John Florence, (and not just because they were in it) our latest film, Surprise Excitement Party, is the best work we've ever done! With brutal wipeouts, death defying big wave bravado, hot girls, and a GoPro 3D montage, it's well worth the $14.95 price tag. And just because we're your bros we'll throw in a free subscription to TransWorld SURF and a behind the scenes video from our Model Search shoot with Heather Rose in Mexico.

Surprise Excitement Party Synopsis:
This film features the surfing excellence of John Florence, Mark Healey, Michel Bourez, Conner and Parker Coffin, as well as Dusty Payne, Mark Mathews, Bruce Irons, plus a surprise section from Kelly Slater. There's even a GoPro 3D montage with glasses included with every video. You also get brutal and hilarious wipeouts, a bikini food fight and some of the sickest tubes you will ever see. Bonus features include: Andy Irons' section from High 5, behind the scenes footy, a photo slide show, and recent footage from the Cloudbreak super swell.