Mark Richards x Quiksilver

Four-time ASP World Champion, Mark Richards, and Quiksilver, have gotten together to turn your closet into a time machine with it’s dial set to the 70s. Back when shorts were just that, short. Back then surfing was all about style, and Richards was one of the original masters of it. The arcs he would create on his twin fin were like the brush strokes of Rembrandt. Throughout his career he was on the forefront of what looked good on a surfboard; from his actual surfing style, to the “groovy” clothes he wore, to the airbrushes of his quiver.

Now, fast-forward over thirty years. Quiksilver has re-issued the clothes that were the signature of this legend’s steez’ in a an elevan piece collection. The line features two different styles of boardshorts, a pair of 16 inchers, and a pair of 21 inchers. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a trend in the style of boardshorts of late has been to bring those puppies further from the knees. You may want to let your thigh breathe this summer and strut your stuff in some shorties, let the ladies on the beach know what your offering.

Although, if you’re like me, and know no one wants to see your pale thighs, there are the 21 inchers, that’s more like the modern boardies you’re used to. The line also features the custom embroidered tank top Richards was known for, which by the way is organic, a few tees and a trucker hat. And it goes without mentioning, that the whole line features the infamous “MR” logo that the man himself was known for.

Check out the line below:

For those of you who dare to bring the thigh exposure back to the 70s, the 16″ boardshorts.

For those of us who are thigh shy the 21″ boardshorts.

The tank top of a legend.

A cool flower made of “MR” surfboards.

Check out the rest of the line in the gallery below, and for more info cruise over to