Marty Thomas To Head Up Rip Curl’s Sales And Marketing Operation in Hawai’i.

Rip Curl is today proud to announce that Marty Thomas will return to Hawai’i to take over its Sales and Marketing operation.

A former Top 10 world tour professional surfer, and highly respected industry face in California, Marty will head back to Oahu to drive Rip Curl USA’s Sales and Marketing from May 1, 2004.

Following a highly successful pro career that spanned 12 years, Marty is wrapped to be moving back to Hawai’i with his wife Shalom, two young daughters Emma and Malia, and is ready to start a new phase of his life with Rip Curl.


Interestingly Rip Curl was Marty’s first financial sponsor when he started his professional surfing career at age 17.

With this announcement Rip Curl is also equally proud to acknowledge the 18 years of service and loyalty that Steve Cranston has given to growing the Rip Curl brand and business through the 80s and 90s in Hawai’i.

“Rip Curl would like to sincerely thank Steve for all his efforts over the past two decades, said Mike Martin, National Sales Manager for Rip Curl USA. “His dedication and contribution goes without saying.

Talking about Marty and Rip Curl’s future in Hawai’i, Rip Curl’s Management Team from around the world had various comments.

“Everyone at Rip Curl is thrilled that Marty has joined us in Hawai’i — it’s like a member of the family coming home, said Rip Curl Global CEO David Lawn.

“We’re psyched to have Marty back at the Curl. To have him managing our business in Hawai’i is exactly what we needed to strengthen our presence in the islands, added Rip Curl USA CEO Jimmy Olsson.

“Marty is perfect for Rip Curl. He knows what makes Rip Curl tick, lives the Search, and knows how to show off the best in our products to the world. And he’s a fantastic surfer. Great to have him on board, said Neil Ridgway, Global Marketing Chairman for Rip Curl.

“Marty will be great for the brand and business through the Hawai’ian Islands, he knows our history, understands our products, and can still take many of the Top 45 down on his day—we welcome him back to the Rip Curl family with open arms, said Adam Sharp, VP Marketing Rip Curl USA.

Through his initiation program, Marty will spend the first two weeks of April down at the Rip Curl Pro, Bells Beach, Australia, matching it in the lineup at Bells and Winikipop with the world’s best. He’ll then be back in California working in Rip Curl USA’s Carlsbad office for the back end of April, before setting up home in Hawai’i and starting his Sales and Marketing role on Oahu from May 1.

In context, Marty responded in his usual passionate and enthusiastic tone, “I’m really exited to rejoin the Rip Curl family. Rip Curl was a major supporter during my surfing career and now they have given me the opportunity to move my family back home to Hawai’i. There is a lot energy surrounding the brand at the moment and I look forward to being a part of its future.