Mas Mexico

All captions courtesy of the demented mind of Mike Dunphy.

Summer is the season of travel for most surfers. And for Californians, a quick and easy get away is just a short trip over the southern border.

We know, you’ve seen team Fox’s summer barrage on Mainland Mexico recently on But do you ever tire of seeing pro surfers trek the world for perfection while you’re most likely sitting at home or work on your computer? We didn’t think so.

I’m not going to reveal exactly what we found via the internet, but know that these are only a scanty helping of what we got courtesy Tropical Storm Andres. And we were nowhere near the location of team Fox’s discovery trip. Goes to show you that incredible, empty surf can still be found these days – you’ve just gotta get out there and explore.

And don’t be weary to travel to Mexico, either. Not one of us was eaten by a shark, shot at by drug lords, or infected with swine flu (though somehow our own Managing Editor Casey Koteen contracted it at the US Open). We ate our weight in tacos, drank our weight in tequila and cervezas, and scored some Mexican perfection all to ourselves.

Like anywhere, just be considerate and smart. For more info on the area head to,, and And look for the true gold of our trip in an upcoming issue of TransWorld SURF.

videography courtesy of Brian Robinson.

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