Massive Sewage Spill At US/Mexico Border

One of the most contaminated regions in California got blasted again recently when a main sewer line began leaking up to 1.3 sewagemillion gallons of well, pure shit. The Imperial Beach/Tijuana Sloughs area is home to some incredible surf, surf which won’t be ridden for some time.

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An estimated 1.3 million gallons a day of sewage are flowing into the ocean just south of the international border, in what will rank among the largest single incidents to affect San Diego County in the past decade.

The ongoing leak adds a potent pollutant to coastal waters that currents commonly push north into the United States, where they mix with contaminated flow from the Tijuana River, which has lead to beach closures in South County for the past month.

Estimates of the spill size vary greatly — from more than 30 million gallons by environmentalists to just a few million gallons by wastewater officials in Mexico. Either way, the situation provides a vivid reminder that despite numerous upgrades to the sewage system in Tijuana, it remains a chronic environmental and human health problem with roots going back more than 70 years.

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