Master Blaster

As Christian Fletcher pumps down the line on a smaller wave at Insanities, my mind falls into a surf-video flashback montage. I'm twelve years old, watching Christian loft huge airs in 80s cult-classic Runman 69. He was a skinny, long-haired teenager and one of the first guys to blast airs at Pipeline.

Now, as Christian fades into a bottom turn, thousands of airs and slashes from Tweak Freaks and Supernatural fly in and out of my brain as he makes his final approach toward the lip.


With over a decade of supreme air dominance, Christian is still blasting with the best of them. He's been going to the North Shore with his dad Herbie for over twenty years, so you know he's got some crazy stories about i's Wild West days.

One thing is for sure as Christian throws his tatted body into another absurdly high air–he's a legend. Love him or hate him, you can't deny the fact that he still f–king rips. And when he's racing down the line on a head-high left, you can't deny the sense of anticipation you get for what's gonna happen next–C.C.