Matix Clothing Photography Series

picture-115The Photography Series is a collection of boardshorts, t-shirts, tank tops and a hat that is part of the Matix Spring 2011 line featuring the works of photographers Ryan Miller, Mike Piscitelli and Christopher Wilson.

Ryan Miller is one of surfing's top freelance photographers whose hard working skills have landed his images on Surfer, Surfing, TransWorld SURF, and Stab covers all in the last year. All of the photos used for the Matix x Miller capsule were shot on film with a variety of toy cameras during a trip to the Caribbean that ran as a Surfing Magazine cover story. Raw contact sheets were assembled into a unique pattern on Ryan's signature boardshort, tees and tank.

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Mike Piscitelli, among many mysterious comings and goings, is currently working on the feature length documentary Wreckage of My Past the story of Ozzy Osborne slated for a release in 2012.  The imagery used for the Piscitelli x Matix capsule is a collage of pages pulled from Mike's handcrafted personal journal of intimate photographs layered with black marker and handwritten notes.

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Christopher Wilson is the aesthetic director for the Band of Horses and unofficial 6th member of the group. The photographs featured in this Matix x Wilson capsule are a glimpse into the intriguing body of work that Chris shoots in between his day job as Band of Horses aesthetic director. These photos expand on the signature spirit that is found on the Band of Horses album covers he has designed, as well as is also seen as the surreal backdrops to the band’s live performances.

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