Brian Toth Video And Interview

Pulled from Matix’s weekly ‘Matix Mondays’ feature, check this interview and video clip of Puerto Rican madman Brian Toth during this past winter on the North Shore.

What is your main focus going into 2009?
BT: I'm charging the WQS (world qualifying series) this year, I got a seed and trying to build towards making the top 15 so I can make the WCT (World Championship Tour) in 2010. I've been putting a lot of water time in, surfing three times a day and doing some cardio, working on my confidence. Staying really active and fit, not so much on the weights or anything.

Being from Puerto Rico how is competing at the cold-water venues on the WQS. Do you have a hard time adjusting to the cold water in places like Scotland, etc.?
BT: Scotland is beautiful and I love it but I've been in the cold water a lot so I'm pretty used to it and I don't really have a hard time with it. No, one really likes cold water. As long as there are waves I don't mind the cold water at all.

You seem to have developed your own vocabulary due to your Spanish and English getting crossed up in your head. There is now a term for it called Tothyism. Can you give us the definition of hootering.
BT: One day I was paddling for a wave and someone was already on it and they were hootering at me to get off the wave.

Would hootering be a combination of hooting and hollowing?
BT: Yeah could be. Maybe the owl taught me that one.

Do you have owls in Puerto Rico?
BT: Yeah, we had one as a patient at the pet vet a couple of months ago. Tothy's mom has veterinarian clinic in P.R.

Travis Pastrania was recently in P.R. with his Nitro Circus crew, how was that?
BT: Yeah, that was cool. They came down with Red Bull and I ride for Red Bull so they had me teach Travis and the whole crew how to surf. They do 100-foot airs and crazy moto shit but they are afraid of waves. It’s going to be on his show sometime in April.

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