Matix Monthly October: Jon Rose And SurfAid Help Indo Earthquake Victims


All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, but that depends on where you are on the globe. October is commonly associated with the season of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and spring in the Southern Hemisphere, both of which produce some of the best surf of the year. As Halloween approaches, so has the October Matix Monthly. What will be inside – A trick or treat?

On September 30th, 2009 a 7.6 earthquake hit Padang, Indonesia. Padang, happens to be the launching point for most Mentawai Island boat trips. Jon Rose was in the Mentawais when the initial quake hit Padang and returned to the city on October 1st only to find devastation and destruction. Rosey had planned to leave the Mentawai Islands to fly to Bali to help some local villagers set up a rain catchment system as part of a foundation, Waves 4 Water, he started. His plans, however, quickly went out the window as Rosey realized that the ten water filters in his possession would be lifesaving in the ravaged city of Padang.

Once on land Rosey found a local Red Cross office and asked them if his filters were needed and they quickly showed Rosey the contaminated well water out back. With basic necessities in short supply, Rosey went into action and devised a MacGyveresque system to deliver clean water for drinking and treating the wounded. Since his return, Rosey has been on a mission to keep the disaster relief awareness high, as people are still suffering in Padang.

Here's what Rosey had to say:

"Once the media buzz dies down, the non-effected people tend to forget that help is still needed for a long time after the initial catastrophe. It was very surreal to come from such a beautiful, idyllic setting of a surf trip in the Mentawais to a city completely destroyed. It looked like a bomb went off. It was as if I were in a movie with special effects. I'm hoping that my story has inspired other people to take action. I've dedicated myself to the cause since I've been home because this experience has impacted my life so much."

What a strong coincidence that Rosey along with his father Jack started Waves 4 Water just a few months before the catastrophe and happened to have water filters and accessibility to help before outside aid arrived. Waves 4 Water has been accelerated since this event happened and now Rosey is moving forward with it, but encourages people to donate to Surf Aid International or the Red Cross to continue aid relief in Padang.

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