Matix Surf Team News

Matix Surf Team News

My-oh-my how times flies, can't believe it is already 2009. Seems like Y2K was just last month! If you didn't notice already, Matix has a new look for 2009 which you can see in the digital ad above and across the entire Matix web site. The Matix team is fresh off six weeks on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Gabe Kling went into the Hawaii season having already secured enough WQS points to re-qualify for the 2009 WCT so the pressure was off of him. He ended the year rated 4th on the WQS and will enter this years WCT as the 32nd seed. The Matix team has been pushing it hard lately and has the scars to prove it. Kling who suffered a knee injury and pneumonia in the first half of ’08 landed on his fin during a Rocky Point session in Hawaii and needed five stitches to close the wound. Zander "Zoozander" Morton took a board to his face during an epic OTW session, which left his lip looking meaty. Read about the details in Zoo's interview below, and see photo in slideshow. Brian Toth had been attempting the world record for the longest floaters in Puerto Rico had a mishap when he landed armpit first on his fin. Since the injury occurred in his hairy pit you can only imagine the comparisons. It took five stitches, to sew Tothy's hairy pit wound but he'll be back in the water soon. The team killed it in Hawaii this winter and there are tons of photos and video that will be surfacing soon.—Brandy Faber/Matix Surf Team Manager
Zander Morton Interview

Matix: What is the behind the scenes info on how your ad came about this month?

Zander Morton: I was sent some of the new Ventador Crazydot boardshorts to test and shoot in during the 2008 East Coast hurricane season. The E.C. had a really active hurricane season, which was great compared to the year before. I drove all over my home state of Florida, putting around 2000 miles on my car chasing all the storms we had last year. The session that my ad came out of was during Hurricane Gustav, which came into the Gulf of Mexico. Ryan Miller and I drove to Mexico Beach which is on the panhandle of Florida in the Gulf.

Matix: You spent six weeks in Hawaii this past November and December, how was the winter over there?

ZM: It was awesome. I stayed at the Matix house, which is right on the beach at Pipeline/Backdoor. It was definitely the best winter I have had there so far. I tired to surf out front at Pipe, Backdoor and Off the Wall as much as possible. There was so much swell this year that it helped thin the crowds out towards the end cause I think everyone had their fill. Gabe Kling and I had a really good session at Haleiwa one day as well.

Matix: Did you get any particularly good beatings?

ZM: Yeah, one day OTW was really good with only a few guys out. Ryan Miller swam out to shoot photos. Right when I paddled out a bomb came to me with no one around so, I went and got this huge barrel. It raced really fast and I was able to come out of it. My board nailed me right in the lip underwater and my tooth pushed through so, I came in bleeding. I could have probably used a few stitches but my friend Neal just super glued it closed. It healed good and I have a nice little scar and a story to tell.

Matix: What about caddying for Gabe during the contest at Sunset?

ZM: I've caddied for Gabe in Hawaii for three years now and when I did it the first year it was pretty big and I remember thinking that I wouldn't want to be out at Sunset if it was much bigger. Well, this year during Gabe's heat it was just huge, like Waimea or something. Biggest waves I have seen so far and it was closing out from Sunset to Kammie's. Nathan Hedge was caddying next to me and we were getting sucked out on these huge rapids towards Kammie's. Hedgey was tripping on how big it was. He was yelling, "Fuck this, I don't want to be out here. I'm going in!" Not in a scared way but in a funny we're getting our ass’s kicked kinda way. After that heat they didn't allow caddies in the water cause it was just too dangerous.

Matix: What do you have planned for the first half of 2009?

ZM: Just sticking around Florida for the time being as we get good winter swells and then hop down to the Caribbean to some spots I've been watching when the right swells hit down there.

Matix: Tell us what makes you a special boardshort for Spring 2009?
Crazydots: Well, first of all because I’m part of the Ventador Tech Series of Matix's spring 2009 Boardshort line. I’m made from 100% polyester microfiber – AKA "Supersuede!" I have a fitted upper-body and a 4-way stretch lower-body with lots of other details but my main feature that is standard on all Ventador Series boardies is my mesh flow-through crotch panel. It not only helps water flow-through your trunks while sitting on your board, it comes in handy when cropdusting a bro and feels extremely nice on your man parts!

Matix: Tell us about the testing process that went into your design and construction?

CD: It all started back in the winter of 2007 when the Matix designers met up with the Matix surf team in Hawaii. At that time I was just a prototype but the boys tried me out and gave me a thumbs up on my fit, feel and construction. Then my fabrics were picked out and new proto's were made and sent to the team. Guys like Gabe Kling, Zander "Zoozander" Morton, Micah Byrne and the rest of the Matix team tested me in places like Florida, Puerto Rico, California and Hawaii. It was from all that team-tested research that I was born and brought to market for Spring 2009.

Matix: How did your name come about?

CD: I believe it was when Zander "Zoozander" Morton was testing me in Florida. During the session, which Zoo's and my collaboration ad came out of for this month, some dude came up to him and said, "Those trunks are crazy good man. They got some crazy dots on them!" So I was named "Crazydots" after that session.

Matix: Thanks for your time Crazydots and we hope to be seeing you all over the beaches this spring!

CD: Yeah, I should be arriving in shops in a few weeks so; you'll be seeing me around.

Each month we will be giving away some “awesomeness” on It's very simple, just sign up via this link and we will draw a random lucky winner at the end of every month. This month we will be giving away a pair of the Ventador Crazydots (bet you didn't see that coming) and a limited edition, not for sale, Matix/Pro-Lite traction pad.

Matix Monday's kicked off Monday, January 12th. Check the site on Monday’s as Matix will be posting new videos on The first surf webisode hypes Spring 2009 boardshorts. Get your mind outta the cold and start thinking about the warm boardie season that is coming just around the corner. Click hereto view and be sure to sign up for our podcast and then you will have a fresh dose of Matix!