Matt Meola Lands New Flip Variation

Matt Meola and Albee Layer of Maui recently inked a deal with Rockstar Energy to document their lives on the Valley Isle’s North Shore. The first webisode includes– among other aerial wizardry– this new frontside flip variation, which Meola has coined a ‘Hippy Flip.’

In skate or snow terms, the trick would be called a Mctwist or Frontside Rodeo flip. But since no surfer has perfected it to date, Meola gets to call it whatever he wants. At least he didn’t name it after himself, as with the ‘Kerr-upt flip’, the ‘Flynn-stone flip’, the ‘Gorkin-flip’, or even his buddy Albee Layer’s ‘F-Layer’ (a similar flip to Meola’s, but performed backside with an indy grab)

Here is the new webisode. Skip to 4:41 to see Meola’s air.

Matt’s Australian doppelganger, Craig Anderson, landed a similar aerial in a Quiksilver clip 2 years ago, though the rotation isn’t quite the same.

Watch Craig Anderson’s version at the 2:10 mark.

And Watch Albee Layer’s backside version at the :21 second mark.