Matt Wilkinson Arrested In Newport

Wilko staying in the tube and out of trouble in Tahiti. Photo: ASP

Wilko staying in the tube and out of trouble in Tahiti. Photo: ASP

Matt Wilkinson and the Newport Beach Police Department are polar opposites. One likes to party and have fun, while the other acts as if Newport is a police state. That said, it’s never a good idea to pass out drunk in the street no matter where you are. According to a multiple reports, that’s exactly what rising ASP star and renowned party boy Matt Wilkinson did—he took a little power nap in between parties. He was put in the drunk tank and released when he sobered up. Apparently there will be no charges filed; no harm, no foul. We can only imagine what he’s going to get up to in the streets of San Francisco…

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WORLD-ranked Australian surfer and renowned party boy Matthew ”Wilko” Wilkinson has been arrested for public intoxication in California after police allegedly found him lying in a street.

Wilkinson, 23, who declares on his popular blog ”I’m superbadass and the women love it”, was picked up in the wealthy coastal suburb of Newport Beach, south of Los Angeles.

”He was arrested for essentially being drunk in public,” Newport Beach Police Department sergeant Doug Jones told AAP yesterday. The arrest was on October 22, but was not made public until yesterday when local newspaper, the Newport Beach Independent, reported the incident.

Officers were called to Balboa Boulevard after receiving a report of a man lying in a street, police said. Wilkinson, who has based himself in Newport for the US summer, was released from custody when police deemed him sober and it is likely he will not be charged.