Matthew McConaughey’s Son To Surf As Soon As He Can Walk

He may have wiped out in Surfer, Dude, but at least Matthew McConaughey is a cool enough Dad to get his kid a custom made board…

Matthew McConaughey and wife Camila Alves. Photo courtesy

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Matthew McConaughey told reporters repeatedly that he wants his son, Levi, to become a surfer. McConaughey, a native to Texas, has routes in the oil pipe supply business, football, and of course acting. But, what everyone is most excited about is his interest in surfing.

Alves, McConaughey's wife, told reporters that Levi will have his first surf lesson when he can start walking. With both parents "on board" this kid is bound to succeed in the surfing world. Texas parents take note, and take your kid surfing, already.