MCD Signs Gavin Gillette

MCD is pleased to announce that Kauai shred Gavin Gillette will be rocking the legendary spade as he tackles the WQS with the intent of qualifying for the WCT!

Born and raised in Kilauea, Gavin has honed his competitive skills while also exhibiting a free surf flair that seems to be bred in Kauai surfers these days, ala Irons bros., Barca, Reef and the rest of the boys. Sponsored by MCD, HIC, Oakley, Globe and Dakine, Gavin has shown that he is quite capable of beating the world’s top surfers as shown by his 16th place finish at the U.S. Open of Surfing and 8th place at the ISA World Games, taking down CT’ers CJ Hobgood and Chris Ward along the way!

“I’m pretty damn excited, states Gavin, “I think the rock and roll style is sick, if I wasn’t a surfer I would definitely want to be a rocker! MCD is coming in hot and so am I!

MCD is back with the official U.S. re-launch hitting shops this spring! Think Black Sabbath moods infused with geisha styled undercurrents, throw in some 70’s biker vibe and top it off with rock n’ roll pirate mayhem and you’ll start to get the idea!