McNamara Searches Portugal for Big Wave Event


Extreme Waterman Challenge

Hawaiian surfer Garrett McNamara will visit Nazaré/Portugal in November in his first trip to Europe.

The surfer Garrett McNamara, 42 years old, will be in Portugal during the month of November. On his first trip to Europe, Garrett will devote itself to exploring the wave potential of Nazaré Beaches, with special attention to Praia do Norte.
The goal of this mission will serve as a rehearsal for a major international big wave event that will be held at Nazaré in 2012 (the first in Portugal and in Europe), which may be with or without the aid of jet skis. Or both ways!

Together with Jose Gregorio (ex-tri-Portuguese surf champion and one of the most respected Portuguese big wave and tow in surfer), who will follow Garrett on this mission, McNamara will explore the region and give special attention to the phenomenon of ” Nazaré Canyon” which allows the formation of big and strong waves at Praia do Norte, an excellent venue for a big wave event.
The “Nazaré Canyon” is a rare accident geomorphologic, the largest in Europe and one of the largest worldwide, which involves a flaw in the continental plate with a 170km long and 5km deep, close to Praia do Norte,  that attract the Atlantic Ocean swells to this beach, with virtually no obstacles.
The power and energy that the swell have in open waters is kept with the same intensity until his arrival to the coast line, creating and unique show of nature with big waves, if we compared with the rest of the Portuguese coast.
In addition to this exploration action, Garrett will also provide a “Tow-in Clinic and a meeting of Stand Up Paddle, for the Portuguese and European surfers that want a privileged contact with this sports and rider.
About this mission Garrett's said "I have always wanted to visit Portugal and so honored and excited about this opportunity the town of Nazaré has offered. I cannot wait to meet the people and experience the culture. I have heard Nazaré has amazing seafood and pastries, not to mention a wave like Jaws but on a sandbar, what more could you ask for!! I always get extremely excited to explore a new break and Praia de Norte should provide some awesome challenges. I just talked to Kelly Slater and he told me how narly it is which is how I like it!!! ”
The North Canyon Show by Garrett McNamara is organized by the Village of Nazaré, Nazaré Alternative Sports Club, Nazaré Qualifica and have the support of the West Tourism Council of Portugal, Lighting Bolt, Go Pro, Filipe Motoshow, Isuzu, Lena Automoveis, Portuguese Hydrographic Institute, Surftotal and Surf Portugal.

For more information please contact:

Paulo Caldeira