Mellem Letter

About a couple of weeks ago, we received a letter asking us to forward a letter to a young heartbreaker from San Clemente, California named Travis Mellem. The young lady, inspired by the torture poses young Travis was making in our story on spring break in Mexico (Volume Two, Number Five), couldn’t resist a beckoning call in the form of a little piece of white paper with writing all over it. Being the matchmakers we are, we had to forward the letter, and of course, print the heartbreaker’s response.

Hey TransWorld!I saw Travis Mellem in one of your magazines, and I thought about sending him a letter. If it’s possible, could you forward this letter to his house? It’d help me out so much! If it’s not possible, please send this letter to the return address.

Travis,Hi! My name is Emma Harris. I have blue eyes, blonde hair, and I’m five-two. I live in Point Loma, San Diego, California and love to snowboard, surf, skate¿do generally everything I can!Anyway, I saw you in TransWorld SURF magazine and I thought to myself, “He looks really cool. I wonder what he’d be like to hang out with?” So you may think this sounds totally crazy, but would you like to hang out sometime? We could go surfing! Oh, I almost forgot¿I haven’t been surfing for that long, but I’m madly in love with the sport! You could give me a few pointers. This may be a new concept, because this is kind of fan mail, but not really. Either way, I thought it would be cool to write a letter to you and maybe meet you and hang out. If you don’t think it’s a good idea, that’s totally okay! (But I’m telling you, I’m super fun to hang with!)Will you answer a few questions? 1. What do you like to do for fun besides surfing? 2. How many surfboards do you own? 3. Who introduced you to the sport? 4. Who is your favorite band? 5. Do you have any girl friends who surf? That’s all my questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Call me, e-mail me, or send a letter if you ever want to hang out or just talk. See you or talk to you later!Emma Harris Point Loma, California

Travis responds like a true ladies’ man:

Hey Emma! How are you doing? I just got your letter. Here are the answers to your questions. If I’m not surfing, I like to spearfish, skateboard, fish, and hang out with friends. But most of the time, I’m surfing. I have around twelve surfboards right now. No, I don’t have any girl friends who surf, but I’d like some girls who I can surf with, though (hint, hint). My dad and my brother introduced me to surfing. Oh yeah, my brother wants to know if you have any older sisters around sixteen to eighteen years old. I guess those are all of the questions you wanted me to answer. Hey, you sound like a really fun girl to hang out with. Maybe we can get together sometime. Nice talking to you, Emma. I’ll talk to you soon. Travis Mellem San Clemente, California