Meyerhoffer Receives IDEA

The Meyerhoffer Catches A Huge Wave….

Winner Of The 2010 Gold Idea Award!


The Meyerhoffer Surfboard has gained world recognition since it's launch, and is now being honored with one of the most prestigious design awards, the Gold International Design Excellence Award (IDEA).  This program, a premier international competition honoring design excellence, has acknowledged the Meyerhoffer Surfboard as one of the most radical design innovations that longboarding has seen in a generation.   

Manufactured by Global Surf Industries (GSI), this ultra-modern take on the traditional Longboard was created by world-renowned industrial designer, Thomas Meyerhoffer.  By incorporating elements of a long board and a short board, the Meyerhoffer offers surfers a more evolved experience.  

Each section of the board is optimized for maximum performance, ultimately making the design an incredibly complex shape.  The evolution of the Meyerhoffer has been a lengthy design process.  Thomas has eliminated portions of the traditional form, enabling the distinct shape of the board to transcend any previous designs.  He has subtly tweaked the fundamentals of the board into one organic shape that allows surfers to experience more—more speed, more turns, and more waves.  The innovative shape also provides the paddling ease of a long board and the high performance of a short board.

Receiving an IDEA Award represents great success for brands and designers, and GSI and Thomas Meyerhoffer are thrilled to be recognized by the program.  Winning entries will receive coverage in media outlets around the world, increasing exposure and recognition for the Meyerhoffer on a global scale.

Designer of the radical surfboard, Thomas Meyerhoffer, is pleased about receiving the prestigious award.  Thomas, who is no stranger to the IDEA Gold Awards and previously won them for his designs at Apple and NeilPryde, says that this time is special.  "I developed this board out of my personal interest—I would rather design an object to surf on, than surf the Internet on."

Thomas continues, "I owe many thanks to Mark Kelly of GSI for his vision and surfing skills. Almost two years ago, Mark tried a Meyerhoffer prototype and was convinced that he was surfing better than ever!  Now, because of Mark, the board is being used and enjoyed by many surfers worldwide.  I ultimately hope that the endorsement from the award will make more people try the board – open up their minds and get a fuller experience on their next wave." 

GSI's Managing Director, Mark Kelly, was also in high spirits about being named the winner of the IDEA Gold Award.  "I am absolutely stoked that we have won this award", he said. "For years, surfboard design has been about fine tuning, small changes that are often hardly noticed.  Thomas Meyerhoffer helped take surfboard design to the next level."  

Does Kelly think the board is evolution or revolution? "I think a bit of both. I am very proud to be part of this design and its launch into the marketplace around the world. The feedback has been great and this award tops it off." 

The Meyerhoffer Surfboard has already won previous awards honoring its revolutionary design.  The board recently was recognized with an Australian International Design Award and the Silver Pencil in the D&AD awards of the UK.  GSI is proud to have the Meyerhoffer as part of its ever-growing repertoire. 

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