Mick Fanning Joins Creatures of Leisure

Creatures of Leisure welcomes Mick Fanning to its team of sponsored surfers. Mick came on board as of March 1, 2001 and is a major new signing.

Fellow teamriders Joel Parkinson, Taj Burrow, Jake Paterson, all tell us that Mick has a rare ability and is considered one of the biggest threats this year. In Mick’s first year on the WQS he narrowly missed qualifying for the WCT. We expect big things from Mick this year.

[IMAGE 1]Fanning is the latest addition to the powerful team that includes Luke Egan, Jake Paterson, Taj Burrow, Luke Hitchings, Shane Powell, Joel Parkinson, David Rastovich, and Roy Powers.

Check out how the Creatures of Leisure team stands as we enter this year’s WCT:#2 – Luke Egan#5 – Jake Paterson#6 – Taj Burrow#17 – Luke Hitchings#23 – Shane Powell#37 – Joel Parkinson (first year on the WCT)

In addition, we are currently working on designing a new deck grip for Mick and hope to have it on the market in time for the U.S. Open at Huntington Beach.

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