Mick Fanning lets dog attack him while wearing bite suit; video

Three-time world champion surfer Mick Fanning once faced off with a great white shark and lived to the tell the tale. So why would he back down from putting on a bite suit and letting a training dog attack him?

All kidding aside, Fanning is currently in South Africa for the upcoming Corona J-Bay Open (the event at which he had the encounter with the great white shark). And he’s been doing some work with Wild Ark, a conservation and education organization that aims to “protect as much of the world's biodiversity as possible and to inspire people to reconnect with nature.”

Fanning traveled to the South African Wildlife College to learn about anti-poaching methods that are being used to help wildlife. So Fanning gladly put on the bite suit and played victim for the Canine Anti Poaching Unit.

As he stated in his Instagram post, “No way I would do this with out [sic] the suit on,” and we certainly don’t blame him for that.

The South African government has changed their outlook on poaching recently and it has led to an increase in arrests and a decrease in the killing of rhinos. But that is not to say that poaching is no longer an extremely serious issue in South Africa. Dogs like these are a big help in keeping more rhinos alive.

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