Mick Fanning pulls out of Pipeline

According to an article by The Australian , 2X world champ Mick Fanning has pulled out of the last event of the season, the Billabong Pipeline Masters in Memory of Andy Irons.

Apparently the fit aussie has been secretly battling a bulging disc in his neck since the Tahiti event earlier in the year, and with the World Title already sealed up by the Kelly Slater guy, this is his only time to heal before next season starts.

Bummer for Mick, as he is always a standout in Hawaii and a threat for the Triple Crown trophy. Expect to see White Lightning back in full effect at Snapper in 2012.

Mick’s BFF Joel Parkinson is also avoiding Hawaii, opting to stay home and hang with the fam. Sounds understandable, but remember Joel is the defending Triple Crown Champ, and could do some serious damage out there in his boardshorts. Parko will be back for Pipeline though, which begins December 8th.