Mick Fanning Uncensored

In April, TransWorld SURF went on a trip down the New South Wales coast in Australia with the Reef team. The following interview with Mick Fanning is the first in a series. Despite a crazy-ass work schedule that never leaves him alone, a gracious Mick was able to spend some time cruising the coast and giving dumb interviews like this. Enjoy.


TransWorld SURF: How’s your year going so far?

Mick Fanning: Pretty good.

You been getting laid much?

I don’t get laid, mate. Do you?

What do you think? Where’d that thing on your lip come from?

Your girlfriend?(Laughs) Sunburn, mate, sunburn.

Do you cherish the time you get at home?

Sure. I’m away all year. It’s good to be in Oz, hanging out with the boys.

What’s your favorite thing to do when your back home?


You don’t get much when you’re on the road?

What, sex or sleep?



Are all the girls at home sick of you?

Oh, they all hate me.


Does your rep follow you?


Where have you had the most luck on tour?

Nowhere. I don’t get laid.

You don’t? Okay, going down the coast of New South Wales, what’s your favorite place?

I like it around here. Iluka and stuff, it’s pretty fun.

We just finished the Quiky Pro. How stoked were you when Deano won?

Pretty stoked because he beat me. No, I was stoked that he won. He deserves it. Especially after last year. He didn’t have a good year so I was stoked to see him win.

After the final was over, everyone was carrying Deano. I saw you carry a beer to Occy. That was a cool thing to do. What went through your head when you did that?

Nothing, I was just giving my mate a beer. You know, everyone was saying congratulations to Deano and Occy. So I wanted to say congratulations to him as well.

What does it look like for the rest of the year? Are you going to focus?

I’m so focused?(laughs). I’m just going to go out there and try my best.

Do you have anything to tell the ladies in America?

Don’t believe anything you hear.