Mike Parsons Named Surf Marketing Manager At VonZipper

June 3, 2008: – – Irvine, Ca — To generate a perfect storm, an ideal combination of swell, wind and tide must come together for it to be recognized as all-time. As well, it takes a waterman of note to be at the right place at the right time to take it on. VonZipper is proud to announce Mike Parsons as the new Surf Marketing Manager at VZ.

As an accomplished surfer from 1 – 100 feet, a prominent member of the surf business community and a founding partner of the VonZipper team, Mike has “let go of the rope and pulled in from behind the boil” to manage the most dynamic surf program the eyewear business.

“Being involved with VonZipper since the beginning is something I’ve been very proud of.”  “I can’t wait to apply my collective industry experience and relationships to take the VZ Surf Program to even higher water”, exclaimed a sun burnt and stoked Parsons.

VZ’s Director of Marketing, GT, frothed, “Mike has come full circle.” “Snips has been with us from the get go, has since traveled around the world directing events on the WCT, riding the world’s heaviest waves as a team rider, to now rejoin us as a key member of our marketing staff is a blessing.” “The best news is I’ll never miss a good swell!”

Mike can be reached at VonZipper: Email: mparsons@vonzipper.com or Phone: 949 341 3075 x4716

The Southern Hemi’s and Chubasco swells of summer will be a little cleaner, a bit warmer and have the juice this year, so throw on your sunnies and come ride one with us!

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