Milling Around In Hawai’i

Shapers visiting the North Shore often try to make a name for themselves by building boards for the influx of professionals visiting every winter. Thanks to Dennis Kirk, owner of Laminations Hawaii, they have access to ten shaping rooms and a factory capable of producing 40 to 50 boards a day.

In business for more than twenty years, Laminations Hawaii is a contract-glassing factory in Kapolei on the Southwest tip of O’ahu. The factory employs twenty people and does contract work for such Hawaià'Å'ian brands as Hawaiian Island Creations, Russ K. Makaha, Local Motion, and Island Classics.

Originally an accounting student, Kirk left school to do what he loves which is surfing and manufacturing. According to Kirk, Laminations Hawaii is a full-service facility. “We do everything,” says Kirk. “We pack and ship to anywhere in the world.”

Fifty percent of Laminations Hawaii work leaves the island to the United States mainland or is shipped to Japan. Although business on Hawaià'Å'i has been affected by the Japanese economy, Kirk says Japanese business has actually picked up, “Our exporting to Japan has actually increased.”

Adding to its full-service capabilities is Laminations Hawai’i sister company, CDR Hawai’i, a milling service with two computerized shaping machines for Hawai’ian shapers. Having this option gives the company the ability to produce generic shaping programs from professional shapersà'†¹quality boards at a low price.

The factory also utilizes a research and development room where the company does experimentation with new materials and techniques such as molds and U.V. resins. “We’ll try any new product to see if it’s feasible,” he says.