Mills, Tyler, Newton, And Toth Put It On The Line For Victories At The Volcom VQS Championships

Elvis even showed up with a coke in hand after years in hiding, when asked why the sudden return to mainstream he replied “Las Volcom is like Graceland by the sea, how could i miss such a great event.”


The event was blessed by a good mixed swell, though day one was plagued by high winds, that didn’t seem to affect the surf, as good right handers peeled off the 56th street jetty. On day two of the event, we woke up to glassy conditions and a new south swell mixing. A-frames were spitting up and down the beach! The contest was on and Newport was pumping.

The sound of the roulette ball spinning illuminated the beach as the first grom heat entered the water, and it must have been the sound of things to come. The groms relized a surfing contest is like gambling, it’s all about luck. Cory Arrambedie was the odds favorite, but came up short betting on black, this left the field wide open for the longshots. Andrew Doheny took advantage and made the final to finish fourth overall with $300 cash in hand. Shea Yates put San Diego on the map by finishing third and taking home $400 in cash. Colin Schildhauer was a longshot with 20 to 1 odds, he battled to come up with the second place slot winning $700 in cash. The suprise of the day was a quiet kid named Tyler Newton from Hawaii taking the grom win! Tyler won $1,500 in cash and a brand new Volcom XR-50 motorcycle provided by our friends at Alpine Stars, as well as a Town and Country surfboard shaped by Estrada.


The juniors proved to be as brutal as a roll of the dice and sevens were popping up everywhere. Last years champ Jake Kirschenbaum rolled a seven on his second come out roll. When asked what happened to the hot streak he said “Sean Slater never took me on the gambling boat with him.”Chase Newsom finished solid in fourth winning $400 in cash. Jonny Craft from Carmel surfed well and his Nor Cal roots shined through for a third place finish and a cool $500. Kilian Garland, a VQS veteran at age fifteen has many wins under his belt, but he took a risk and crapped out in second place. Not all was lost, he walked home with $1,000 in cash, a Body Glove fullsuit, and a new beach cruiser.

Brian Toth flew from Puerto Rico and put it all on the line betting on the hard eight, and we have a winner! Brian took the juniors for $2000 in cash, a Go Ped, and a brand new custom shaped Al Merrick.

The pro-am has so much prize money on the line, these guys are looking for an ace in the hole, but this is a hard find when your playing six deck black jack. Jason Shibata, Nate Tyler, and Josh Hoyer all busted. Carl Holm was even dealt a joker from the bottom of the deck.

Four aces were dealt, one to Shaun Burrell, Tyler Smith, Henry Mills, and Matt Thompson. as they waited for the next card the ocean was throwing up some challenging wedge peaks and Thompson got the four of spades, earning $500 bucks for his efforts. Tyler Smith, a legend on the table and in big surf received a three of diamonds and earned $800 in cash. Shaun Burrell split his bet only to come up with the two of hearts earning him $1,500 in cash.


Henry Mills waited patiently, but when the cards came down it was Henry who received the ace in the hole winning $3,500 in cash and a lew of prizes.

In the air spectacular, it came down to Josh Kerr on the technical side, with a frontside air reverse scoring a 9.5, 9.5, and 9.0, from all three judges. But, it was not his day, nineteen year old Nate Tyler punted a huge frontside air earning a 10, 9.5, 9.5, from all the judges and it was enough to give him the win, $1,200 in cash, and a trip for two to Vegas!

The results:
1.Henry Mills-Capinteria $3,500.00
2.Shaun Burrell-South Bay $1,500.00
3.Tyler Smith-Santa Cruz $800.00
4.Matt Thompson-Austrailia $500.00

1.Brian Toth-Puerto Rico $2,000.00
2.Kilian Garland-Orcutt $1,000.00
3.Jonny Craft-Carmel $500.00
4.Chase Newsom-Huntington $400.00

1.Tyler Newton-Hawaii $1,500.00
2.Colin Schlidhauer-Goleta $700.00
3.Shea Yates-San Diego $400.00
4.Andrew Doheny-Newport $300.00

Air Spectacular
1.Nate Tyler-Morro Bay $1,200.00
2.Josh Kerr-Australia $400.00
3.Randy Welch-Hawaii $300.00
4.Gavin Sutherland-Hawaii $100.00
5.Josh Hoyer-Newport
6.Matt Ratt-Santa Cruz