Mimi Letters


Dear Mimi,Okay, despite the possiblity of being being bashed by your “clever” editors, I have to say this: the Mimi letters thing sucks. It really has no place in a surfing magazine. I agree, that since surfing has now become mainstream, readership is up, and therefore, the reader mix is much more diverse. However, it’s still a sport that carries tremendous roots, and an aura that seems to get lost when portrayed alongside such Seventeen-ish-type editorial content.

Now, maybe I’m a dinosaur at 30, and a bit unaccepting of the changes, but are you guys that lame now that they’d take the time to write a hand-written letter to this chick who’s obviously screening them for the dorkiest, and/or most desperate attempts at attention getting? I dunno, I guess I just expect better. I’m sorry to say this, but I think I’ll be sticking to Surfer magazine for my surf fix. You can have the espn2 “fad” surfers all to yourself. Christian “Webdude” Griffith Pomona, California

To Christian “Webdude,”That’s a really cool nickname, “Webdude.” You should get a bunch of T-shirts that say: “Hey, I’m Webdude. I need my surf fix!” On the back it could say: “I’ll be sticking to Surfer magazine, thank you.” I think other cool webdudes would want to buy this shirt. By the way, thanks for sending the dorkiest letter I got all month.Mimi


Dear Mimi,Here’s my problem: My girlfriend and I fight a lot and it’s all about surfing. When we go to the beach, I surf all day and won’t spend time with her (or so she says). I like her a lot, and I don’t want to end the relationship because I’m a surfaholic. What do I do?I won’t stop surfing, it’s not an option. But if we do break up, would you go out with me?Bobby UllomDickinson, Texas

Dear Bobby,It sounds like your girlfriend really likes to spend a lot of time with you. You should explain to her that you love her, but you also love surfing. Maybe you can take her to the beach with you, or buy her a surfboard so she can go out with you. On the other hand, she sounds like high maintanance, so you may want to dump her.Mimi


Dear Mimi,What’s up? I looked you up in a surf mag. You look bomb. My name is Lawrence Jonathan Pugh. I’m eighteen years old, almost nineteen. I am six-four,195 pounds, and I love to surf. I have a longboard. It’s eight feet long, but I want to get a shortboard. I’m going to move to Santa Cruz, California, and then I’ll get to surf everyday.

I just broke up with my girlfriend, so I’m a free-agent. You look like a cool chick to party with. I love to party and go to raves. I’m sure you do also. I hear the surf’s great in Oceanside. Let’s say I went there to carve it up, and you just happen to be tanning in the hot sun. A cool breeze streams across your smooth body. You reach in your bag for more lotion and you’ve ran out. I just so happen to be done ripping up the smooth break. I walk over to my clothes and peel off my wetsuit. Instead of putting my clothes on and leaving, I reach in my bag and pull out some suntan lotion and some fruit. We both lay there in the sun in peace with sweet thoughts on our mind.Lawrence PughSalinas, California

Dear Lawrence,Your letter started off as a “normal guy” type of letter, but the second you said you were a raver, I immediately thought you were a dork. Then at the end of the letter when you try to be all romantic, I knew for a fact that you were a dork.


Dear Mimi,I’m in a band called the Freewillies. We play naked every show and we have been arrested twice for being naked in public. I’m writing this letter to you because I don’t know anything about surfing, but I do know a lot about chicks. One thing I do know, you’re hot and you look like a rocker chick who’d like to hang with a cool band that knows how to party. I’ll send you a tape of my band when we record it. Look for the full-length Freewillies release entitled “You wantt to get naked? ‘Cause I do.”Willy Cornish Arcadia, California

Dear Willy of the Freewillies,I’d love to come see you play a show outside in mid-winter. I’d even sit right on stage to enjoy the show. You could even spray some icewater on yourself while you were playing naked. If you want to impress me, sing songs about how laced up you are with iced-down Rolexes.