Miss July 2012 Kristen Wetherbee

Kristen Wetherbee
Kristen Wetherbee
Kristen Wetherbee
Kristen Wetherbee
Kristen Wetherbee

As we get caught up with our fabulous Model Search, it is our pleasure to introduce Miss July 2012 Kristen Wetherbee from Boston, Massachusetts. The 22-year old aspiring model wins a free bikini of her choice from B. Swim and shades from Spy Optic. To enter the TransWorld SURF Model Search, email your photos to modelsearch@transworld.net. Please include name, age, hometown, and some info about yourself.

TransWorld SURF: We always hear the word "townie" when talking to people from Massachusetts. What is a townie?

Kristen Wetherbee: A townie to me is basically grew up in a town and never left it. Locals from Charlestown would be examples of townies that take it to a whole new level (The Departed)

Do you know who Todd Richards is? Thumbs up or down?

Yes I do, thumbs up!

Turn ons?

Good looks of course but more importantly someone with a good personality and can make me laugh. I like confident guys (not cocky) that aren't scared to go after what they want.

Turn offs?

Arrogance, ignorance, guys with no goals or motivation.

Where would your dream vacation take you?

I love to travel and I've always wanted to go backpacking through Europe.

If you could go on a date with any pro surfer, who would it be?

Toss up between Julian Wilson and Adriano de Souza...can I have both?

Favorite beach in the world?

I can answer this question after I've been to one with aqua water and white sand... South Beach Miami is definitely my favorite one to party at though!

Red Sox or Patriots?

I love both teams but nothing beats football Sundays.

Obama or Mitt?

Obama baby!

Do you have a secret and/or hidden talent? What is it?

I'm a phenomenal basketball player!

Tell us something that nobody knows about you...

Most people don't know that I'm a straight A student. I think I spent more time in the library than anywhere else on campus (an undercover nerd).

Follow Kristen on Twitter at twitter.com/KristenBrooke1

Miss July 2012 Kristen Wetherbee

Miss July 2012 Kristen Wetherbee