Miss March 2011 Unveiled

Miss March 2011 Catlin Gerrick. Photo: scottallisonphoto.com

Miss March 2011 Catlin Gerrick. Photo: scottallisonphoto.com

Miss March 2011 Unveiled

Congratulations to 23-year old Catlin Gerrick from Yorkville, Illinois. Having recently relocated to San Diego from the Midwest, the certified tomboy likes to hook her bros up with hot chicks. How could we not pick her as Miss March?

TransWorld SURF: Are you a surfer girl?catlin2

Catlin Gerrick: I tried a few times at Waikiki. I got up quick!

Goofy or regular?

Definitely goofy, come on now!

What do you do for work?

Dental Assistant. I'm in charge of making sure that you floss.

Got a boyfriend?

Yes, but soon to be a long distance one. Yikes!

Turn ons?

Sense of humor, sexual, tattoos, manly men, a man who's good to his mother but not still attached, and motivation to succeed in life.

Turn offs?

Liars, muscle men, and preppies.

What makes you a tomboy?

I like big trucks, fishing, hanging with the boys, and helping my buddies get laid by hot chicks.

What's the last dirty joke you told?

How are women and tornadoes alike? They both moan like hell when they come and take the house when they leave.

If you could go on a date with any pro surfer who would it be and why?

Warren Smith. He's got that dirty hot surfer look.

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