Miss TransWorld SURF 2009 Unveiled!

Tashia McIntosh Takes The 2009 Crown!

We first met Tashia McIntosh at the US Open last summer, where every year we do a big Model Search on the beach. Last year we had our biggest turn out ever and with a long line of gorgeous girls in bikinis snaking halfway around the Huntington Beach Pier, we knew we were going to find an amazing girl. Midway through the day, a stunning blonde with a bright smile walked up and everybody manning the TransWorld SURF Model Search photo booth almost fell over--Tashia McIntosh just walked into our lives.

Shortly after meeting Tashia, she became Miss August, and appeared in the magazine wearing a hot little pink bikini--and looking amazing! At the beginning of 2009, we started to narrow down possible prospects to wear the crown as Miss TransWorld SURF, and Tashia's name and hot photos kept making the top of everybody's lists. Eventually we had Tashia come into the TransWorld office to appear on Cote's Cube where her smile--and perfect body--lit up the screen and pretty much made our minds up for us. Thousands of fans voted online, we polled surf stars, asked other females, and the choice was clear--Tashia was named as the 2009 Miss TransWorld SURF.

We surprised Tashia at our new office and she almost fainted. "When TransWorld called me I was wondering what was going on," laughs Tashia. "I had no idea what I was about to walk into." As Tashia stepped into our office, 100 or so TransWorld employees yelled surprise and threw confetti--Tashia nearly fell over. "I was so surprised! There were so many people there and everybody was cheering--it was crazy, I couldn't even speak."

Tashia, who lives just north of Los Angeles, had made the three-hour drive to our office expecting a brief interview and maybe a headshot, but what she got was a full days work, shooting the photos for this very feature. "I just want to say thanks to everybody that voted for me," she gushes. "It's really an honor to be Miss TransWorld and I promise I'll do whatever I can to make the magazine happy."--You've already made us so happy Tashia, and we'll make sure all your fans will get to see plenty of you throughout the year.

Tashia's duties as Miss TransWorld SURF are pretty easy--she's just gotta look hot and be the nice and wonderful human that she is. If you want to meet her, come on down to the US Open this summer, she'll be signing autographs for all 456,000 of you.

Filmed and edited by Carl Steindler. Swimsuits provided by B. Swim and L Space. Styling by Eden Struss.

Pick up the June 2009 issue of TransWorld SURF for a photo gallery of Miss TransWorld SURF 2009 Tashia McIntosh

Congrats Tashia, we love you!

Miss TransWorld SURF 2009 Tashia McIntosh