Mitch Coleborn detained in Canada

Australian mitchell Coleborn was mysteriously absent from the O’neill Coldwater Classic in Santa Cruz last week. He was coming off a quarterfinal finish at the previous event in the series, the CWC Canada in Tofino. The web announcers cited ‘passport issues’ as the reason for Mitch’s absence. What they failed to mention was that his passport issues were because he was arrested the day after the contest in rural Vancouver for indecent exposure at 8 am. Thats right, 8 am. The police reports indicate that alcohol ‘may have been involved’ which must be Canadian for ‘was 1000% involved’. For aussies, such behavior is a cultural tradition, but our friends to the North dont find it amusing, especially when children and families are on their way to school, which was the case here. Apparently the justice system works swiftly up in Canada as Mitch was detained until he could stand trial on Nov 1, thus missing the CWC in Santa Cruz. He has since been able to negotiate temporary freedom under $5000 bail, and had his court date pushed back to march 8. If convicted, Mitch could face severe visa restrictions, including banned travel in the US and Canada. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen, eh??

Here’s Mitch with pants on:

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Mitch Coleborn from Kustom Airstrike on Vimeo.