Model Search: Announcing Miss January 2012

Miss January 2012 Amber Griggs
Miss January 2012 Amber Griggs
Miss January 2012 Amber Griggs
Miss January 2012 Amber Griggs
Miss January 2012 Amber Griggs
Miss January 2012 Amber Griggs

Announcing Miss January 2012
Congratulations to 20-year old Amber Griggs from Destin, Florida! We caught up with her for a quick QnA...

TransWorld SURF: How did you hear about the TransWorld SURF Model Search?

Amber Griggs: To be honest, I follow Ashley Sky's work pretty close. She was TransWorld SURF'S Miss June 2011. She's been a huge inspiration of mine. She motivated me to put myself out there; look where it got me!

What do you do for work?

When I'm not modeling I live the glorious life of a waitress! I have a terrible habit of doing too many things though... I also dabble in photography, graphic design, and marketing.

What's your nationality?

As Toby Keith would say... I'm made in America.

Got a boyfriend?

Sorry guys, but I do. It works out great for the male readers of TransWorld SURF though--he's extremely supportive of my modeling career.

Would you consider yourself a surfer girl?

I've always been a beach girl but I never learned to surf since I lived on the Gulf. The only time we can surf in Destin is during a hurricane! I live on the East Coast now though... So, who's going to teach me to surf?

If you could go on a trip anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

I always wished I was Italian--they are so beautiful and friendly. They have beaches and gorgeous countryside. Plus, the way to my heart is through my stomach and the Italians are known for amazing food & wine!

Secret and/or hidden talent?

It's not a huge secret...but I love art. I draw people mostly. My favorite mediums are charcoal or chalk pastels.

Tell us something about yourself that nobody knows...

When I was three years old I ran away. I was jealous of my newborn baby brother. I got about five blocks and across the major highway on the Air Force base before getting stopped by two 13-year old girls. They asked where I lived; I refused to tell them. When my parents realized I wasn't with either of them and they tracked me down. My response for running away was "You have Alex, you don't need me anymore." I'm still just as independent and stubborn...but I like to think I'm a little less selfish.

Amber Griggs

Miss January 2012 Amber Griggs. Photo:

Randoms tidbits…
I love to travel.
I'm Cherokee, French, Irish, & Welsh.
People tell me I either look like Audrina Patridge or Megan Fox (the latter has only been a few times.)
It would be amazing to model for Victoria's Secret or the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
I love dogs. I want a black & white husky with blue eyes!
I like fast cars & big trucks.
I love rock & country music.
I have always wanted to go skeet shooting.
Celeb Idol of the moment is Nina Dobrev.
Celeb crush is Ian Somerhalder... adored him since his modeling days.
I love mysteries... New favorite book series is the 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.'
Batman was always my favorite super hero. I liked the dark, mysterious types.
I love football (Redskins/Gators,) Soccer (Manchester United/USA,) and Hockey (Capitals.)
I played soccer, ran track & cross-country.
I've liked vampire books & movies since Anne Rice.
I love sea opal; it reminds me of the ocean.
I love being tan in a bikini & cut-offs.
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Movie: Fight Club
Favorite Song: Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas
Favorite Band: AC/DC