Model Search: Natalie Boras Named Miss December

Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras
Natalie Boras

Model Search: Natalie Boras Named Miss December 2013

25-year old who pees in her wetsuit wins the Miss December title

Congratulations to 25-year old Natalie Boras from Laguna Beach, California. The SoCal native who now calls New York home beat out a stacked field of Miss December hopefuls and will be cruising the streets of NYC in style thanks to Model Search sponsors B. Swim and VonZipper. We caught up with Natalie below to see what makes this smoking hot brunette tick…

TransWorld SURF: Occupation?
Natalie Boras: I manage a sample sale store and model in New York.

Turn ons?
Beanies, scruff, girly long lashes, wit, easy-going, confidence (even in things he knows he’s bad at).

Turn offs?
Sloppy kissers, indecision, follows all the rules, waxed brows.

Got a boyfriend?
Yep. We grew up together and one day I asked him if he wanted to make out and he said, "Sure!" We’ve been dating ever since.

Are you regular or goofyfoot?
Both. It runs in the family. My dad, brothers and I are all ambidextrous when it comes to sports.

What's your favorite beach in the whole world?
That’s a secret I will never share.

Last dirty joke you told?
It was actually the first joke I ever heard and it was told to me by my grandma, "A little boy and a little girl are standing in the tub naked staring at each other. The girl looks down at the boy and goes, 'Can I touch it?' The boy backs away and says, 'No way! You already broke yours!'"

Miss December 2013 Natalie Boras

Miss December 2013 Natalie Boras. Photo:

If you could go on a date with any pro surfer who would it be?
Can it be an ex pro surfer? Jack Johnson! Surfer and music artist = awesome.

Worst pickup line you've ever heard?
"What’s that all over your face? It’s everywhere… Oh, it's just beautiful."

Secret and/or hidden talent?
Tossing and catching food in my mouth—my record is 33 Flaming Hot Cheetos in a row.

What would your last meal consist of?
Movie popcorn with a cherry/blue raspberry swirl slushy, Maui onion roll from Laguna Sushi, and chocolate soufflé from Morton's.

Guilty pleasure?
Peeing in my wetsuit, sticking my finger in the sea anemones that look like sprinkled donuts, and scaring people in the dark.

Last movie you saw?
We Are What We Are. An indie horror flick.

Last words?
I’m sitting next to a nun right now taking off in a storm, so if my last words are on this plane then they would probably be to her, “Pray for me. I did just help you with your bag so make it good!”

New Year resolution?
Learn a foreign language and go to Ireland for a Celtic music festival

Natalie Boras

Follow Natalie Boras on instagram @natamals

Follow Natalie Boras on instagram at @natamals