Moments – Tom Curren

Tom Curren

Sunset Beach, Billabong Pro

December, 21, 1989

The Calm Before The Storm

Tom Curren prepares for a blitzkrieg of contest wins

It was 1989, Tom Curren had competed in just a few events on the WCT. He failed to crack the top 16-I know, it’s a baffling fact. Tom Curren’s amazing world tour run began in the mid 80s and with the back-to-back world championships in 1985 and 1986; Tom carved his name in granite as one of our sports’ best ever. Tom continued an amazing run of top 16 finishes until 1989 where he was somehow inexplicably out of the top 44. Where was he? He was “semiretired” living in France. He competed in a few selected events and continued his record run of winning a WCT event, ten years in a row, but was his competitive fire out?

To answer that question, Tom Curren came storming out of the gates to win seven events and take the world title back in 1990, squashing any rumors that he was no longer the best surfer on the planet, it was obvious that he was.

With that question answered, Tom went back to a semiretired life and went on to star in the epic series of Rip Curl Search films.

Now, over a dozen years later, Tom has his sights set on qualifying for the WCT-can he do it? Think about 1990 and decide for yourself.-C.C.

Photo: Rick Doyle