Momentum Under the Influence 4-2 4-2

Momentum Under the Influence Premiere

The latest Poor Specimen/Matt Beauchesne creation Momentum: Under the Influence premiered at the world-famous La Paloma theater in Encinitas, California on November 19, 2001. It was a star-studded occasion, with many pro surfers and even more industry bros. The real star, however, was the movie, which has been called the most amping surf movie in the last five years by many surf-video critics, and this one agrees!With two thumbs up and two pinkies up (creating an awesome shaka), the crowd cheered and hollered in classic surf-premiere fashion. The theater was rocked with screams as Taj Burrow, Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Parko, Rasta, The Hobgoods, Dean Morrison, Fanning, Dan Malloy, and an amazing supporting cast slashed, carved, spun, threw, floated, and rode barrels around the world. The highlights include Taj’s section, C.J.’s flip thing, and Andy’s bangers. The most inspiring part of the video is hands down Jesse Billuaer surfing at Cardiff, the guy is ripping, a must see.

The soundtrack is also perfect, featuring At The Drive-In, The Refused, CKY, Pinback, Shellac, No Knife, Pressure 4-5, and other rockers.Momentum: Under the Influence is a must-get movie. The DVD features bonus footage and separate soundtracks. Congratulations to director Matt Beauchesne and Producer Taylor Steele, the Surfer magazine video award is on lockdown.-C*