Monday Mailbag

Wax On Or Off?

Regarding wax: Is a base coat really necessary? Are wax combs just marketing? And are circles really better than "X"s? Confusion has set in.
Terrence Loose

Base coat wax doesn't hurt but it's hardly necessary. Regarding the "X" pattern when waxing up: it's best done on a new board. The wax will adhere to the pattern really well.

Where Did The Asses Go?
I have been following the magazine for several years now. The last couple of issues have showcased a lack of the Reef advertisements with the supple asses of beautiful models. I find this appalling. Has TransWorld gone gay? What is wrong with having full-page spreads of pretty lady friends in thongs? I for one love surfing and think that your magazine is a fine surfing magazine. However, it is slightly awkward whenever I flip through the pages looking for the Reef advertisements, only to find different advertisements with males surfing instead of the traditional photos of bodacious, bronzed female asses.
Sincerely, Garrett Carter & Cole Hardewick (concerned readers)
Tallahassee, FL

Don't worry Steve; Reef is back and more bodacious than ever. Check the new issue for proof…

Speared By My Bro
Hey, I'm Shane Arana. About seven months ago me and a few of my friends were surfing our local left reef break. We were all having fun and just messing around, it was pretty small only about waist high. When me and my friend Andre were paddling back out my other friend Lupin was paddling for a wave and didn’t see us. He ditched his board to try not to hit either one of us at the last second. When I duck dove I felt something hit me on the head but I didn’t think I got cut. We aren’t sure whose board it was but my guess is it was Lupin's. I got 13 stitches and fractured my right orbit. I was back in the water two weeks later and have made a full recovery.

Tell your "friend" Lupin he's a kook for bailing his board in waist high surf. Glad to hear that you're okay.

How Do They Do It?
As a surfer who has never surfed anything near a 20-foot wave, I have to wonder how big wave riders get out through the beachbreak without a jet ski. Is it all timing? Is there a trick? How did Greg Noll even get a giant board out there on that massive day in Hawaii?
Charley F.

There are a few tricks for getting out in big surf. One is to look for a channel that will let you out without ducking a bunch of wave. As well, a lot of guys will time the sets so they know when there's going to be a lull. Besides that, it just takes a lot of persistence; paddle hard enough and eventually you'll make it out.

Sex Before A Heat?
I’ve heard that most professional male athletes refrain from having sex the night before an event or completion. Do pro surfers on the WCT or WQS also refrain from “doing the nasty” before their heats?
Satellite Beach FL.

You heard wrong Erica. When it comes to sex, pro surfers are just like the rest of us; they get it whenever and as often as they can. See you at the Quik Pro New York?

Airbrush Issues
I can’t seem to have any luck getting a custom board painted the way I want it. Twice I have gotten my board back with the design altered, the first time I let it go, the second time, my shaper took the cost of the airbrush off the cost of my board and explained that his “artist” said that it was his prerogative to do it “his way” if he chose to. Haha, then it isn’t custom anymore is it? What is the best way to paint a board that has already been glassed and what is the best kind of paint to use and how do I seal it so it doesn’t scrape or scratch off?
Mike and Judi

"Pesca" brand pens seem to work pretty well. After you draw/paint on your board get a waterproof, clear finish to spray over it and you'll be good to go.

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